IFA presidential candidates have criticised the Government in the wake of the IFA protest outside an Aldi distribution centre in Naas, Co Kildare.

The 12-hour protest was called to increase beef prices, with lorries being refused entry or exit from early on Thursday morning.

Presidential candidate John Coughlan gave out about what he perceived as the “listless” attitude of the Government.

“The lack of urgency is staggering. Farmers do not need a stop-start talking shop, they need action. The only people who benefit from delays are meat barons who are pocketing the additional margin, which independent analysis shows is in the market,” Coughlan said.

He called for a role to be created for Kieran Mulvey, Peter Cassells or Bertie Ahern in the beef taskforce.

Cattle price fiasco

Fellow IFA presidential hopeful Angus Woods accused food retailers and food services of hiding behind factories during the “cattle price fiasco”.

“Major retailers and players in the food services sector cannot be allowed to profit-take on the backs of farmers and need to urgently engage with their suppliers and factories to correct prices and bring Irish cattle prices in line with other markets,” Woods said.

“Without a positive move on prices across the industry, protests and disruption will continue."

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