Sean Dennehy, IFA sheep chair, has reported that lamb prices have seen a 20c/kg increase this week, as factories compete for supplies.

According to Dennehy, prices of €6.40/kg are available, with deals to 21.5kg. Better deals are available for larger lots, while cull ewes are making €3.40 to €3.60/kg.

Store and breeding sales are buoyant in the marts and are providing competition for lamb supplies to the factories, he added, advising farmers to sell hard in a strong market, and move lambs as they become fit.

“The orderly selling of lambs this year is ensuring there will be no glut of lambs coming onto the market. The absence of imports from outside the EU in the marketplace is also a significant contributor to the positive market conditions, which should prevail for the year,” Dennehy said.

Factories must ensure these positive market conditions are reflected in prices to farmers, he added.