When we do the weekly grocery shop, there are lots of factors that affect our decision to purchase one product over anther. I, for one, always look to support Irish producers as much as possible and will happily visit multiple stores, farm shops and markets to get the products that I love each week. But I’m very lucky in that I have met and interviewed lots of wonderful Irish producers in my line of work – I’ve met their families, seen their passion for the food they make first-hand and that sticks with you when you are faced with a decision between two products in the supermarket.

Meeting Michael Finegan, the maker of Boyne Valley Farmhouse Cheese, means that I now have another permanent addition to my weekly shopping list. Not only are Michael’s blue and bán goat's cheese absolutely delicious and totally unique, meeting his family on their farm in Slane, Co Meath, and seeing the passion he has for his product will remain with me, too.