Dempsey at Large: legislating for national and corporate climate goals
Matt Dempsey
Farmers have real scope to have on-farm practices that capture carbon – and not just in hedges.
2 March 2022 News
New head of Teagasc animal and grassland programme appointed
Dr Laurence Shalloo has previously worked on developing the EBI, pasture profit index, PastureBase Ireland and the national carbon audit system used on Irish dairy farms.
16 February 2022 Grass & feeding
On-farm training for UCC’s new dairy degree
Aidan Brennan catches up with UCC agricultural science students Hannah Dinan and Liam Wall to see how their on-farm experience is progressing.
Gerry Boyle: how will farmers respond to fertiliser price hikes?
How will tillage and livestock farmers respond to much increased nitrogen prices in 2022 and should livestock farmers feed meal instead? asks Gerry Boyle
2 February 2022 News
My Farming Week: Andrew Doyle, Lickeen, Roundwood, Co Wicklow
Andrew Doyle, son of former Minister of State for Agriculture, is farm manager on a 400-cow farm in Co Meath.
29 December 2021 News
Only 25% of farmers hitting right covers
Aidan Brennan writes up some of the key take-home messages from the Teagasc national dairy conference.
1 December 2021 Grass & feeding
Musical chairs at Teagasc
Pat Dillon has been appointed as the new director of research at Teagasc having been at the helm of the Moorepark research centre since 2004.
1 December 2021 Dealer
Teagasc appoints new director of research
Teagasc said Professor Pat Dillon is internationally recognised as a leading scientist in sustainable, pasture-based livestock production.
1 December 2021 News
Dempsey at Large: The founder of Moorepark comes home
Michael Walshe had been the driving force in giving the momentum to a research station that is acknowledged now as the best dairy research centre in the world.
20 October 2021 Opinion
Inside Teagasc Moorepark pig facility
Teagasc's Tomas Ryan outlines how a research facilty and a commercial pig unit work together for pig farmers
20 October 2021 Pigs
Teagasc – the Irish farmer’s best asset or a costly monster?
As the new Teagasc boss Frank O’Mara takes up the reins, we look back over Gerry Boyle’s tenure at Teagasc and review some of what has happened.
6 October 2021 News
55% of dairy farmers intend to increase cow numbers
The poll of 394 dairy farmers took place over three days in mid-September at the Moorepark open days.
29 September 2021 News