The annual AJS spring farm machinery shows kicked off at the Green Glens Arena in Millstreet, Co Cork, last week.

The crowds were big, the weather was cold and, mirroring the feeling in the industry right now, the mood was mixed, but overall people were in good form.

Event organisers said that 7,000 showgoers passed through the doors of the two-day event, which is a similar attendance to last year.

The Cork show marks the first of the three AJS country-wide shows, with the second taking place on 24 and 25 January at the Eikon exhibition centre in Balmoral, and the final show taking place on 31 January and 1 February at the Cavan equestrian centre.

Komatsu SK 715-8

McHale Plant Sales are reintroducing the Komatsu skid steer to the Irish market.

The new 715-8 comes with Komatsu’s four-cylinder, water-cooled 46hp engine.

The company hasn’t retailed any new skid steers since 2008-2009, but now sees a renewed market in Ireland for these machines.

The latest dash-eight model comes with Komatsu’s four-cylinder, water-cooled 46hp engine. This is coupled to a two-speed hydrostatic transmission with a maximum travel speed of 16km/h. It features an operating weight of 2.82t and an operating capacity of 680kg.

The newly designed cab features a 3.5” multifunction monitor, with high resolution LCD colour display.

According to the manufacturer, its latest Stage V engine has a 5% reduced fuel consumption. It says the machine has a 7% increased operating capacity and an 8% increased drawbar pull. It’s priced at €49,000 plus VAT.

Erth showcase new aerator

Erth says its new Aermaster disc aerator has been designed to complement its panbuster range for use on light, stoney land where rocks are close to the surface.

Erth says it's designed to cut a slit in the ground up to 180mm deep.

The Co Down-based manufacturer says it’s designed to cut a slit in the ground up to 180mm deep, to allow oxygen to enter the soil and help relieve surface compaction.

Built on a heavy-duty frame, it’s fitted with 410mm discs, heavy duty maintenance-free hubs, and comes with rubber suspension.

It’s being launched in two models to begin, with working widths of 2.5m and 3m.

Base machine weights are 500kgs and it features a carrying tray if extra weight is required.

TAMS-eligible prices for the 2.5m machine start at €4,900 plus VAT, and €5,300 plus VAT for the 3m machine.

Newtown trailing shoe

Newtown Engineering unveiled its new trailing shoe to the public at the show for the first time.

The 7.5m front-mounted trailing shoe is priced at €17,500 plus VAT (fitted).

The Limerick firm custom-builds its trailing shoes to the tanker at hand. This new trailing shoe design follows its bespoke front-mounted dribble bar, where the unit is fitted onto the front of a tanker rather than the rear.

The manufacturer says the design increases traction by putting more weight on the tanker’s drawbar, thus the back of the tractor, compared to rear-mounted units.

This also reduces the overall length of the tanker compared to a rear-mounted unit.

The Sligo-built Truflo macerator is mounted at the side of the tanker chassis.

Requiring just one double-acting spool valve, the 7.5m unit weighs in at 750kg and is priced at €17,500 plus VAT (fitted).

Börger separator trailer

Northern Ireland manufacturer Slurryquip is the Irish distributor of Börger slurry separators. It showcased the German manufacturer’s mobile slurry separation setup.

The system on display would process 40m3/hour of 4% DM slurry.

This system sucks the slurry from the slatted tank using a rotary lobe pump. The slurry is fed through a rotary screen macerator, to chop the fibres in the slurry, while a stone trap catches stones and foreign debris.

From here, the slurry continues its journey up to the RC 40 separator, where the actual separation takes place.

The slurry is fed into the press screw and is forced against a screen, which sees the liquid fraction squeezed through to escape downwards via gravity through an outlet at the bottom of the separator.

The remaining solid fraction is pushed out at the end of the separation cylinder and falls into a trailer or storage pile.

Various screen sizes can be fitted and the press screw pressure can be adjusted, depending on the desired DM. The system on display would process 40m3/hour of 4% DM slurry and is priced in the region of €125,000 plus VAT.

HiSpec PD dump trailer

After three years of development, HiSpec is now pushing its latest product, the 20t PD (push-off) dump trailer.

The new product uses the same push-off concept already proven in its Kompactor trailer range.

The new dump trailer uses the same push-off concept already proven in its Kompactor trailer range.

The design includes a three-stage hydraulic ram to move the trailer headboard and another three-stage ram to move the floor too. It says the combined movement of the floor and headboard allows forces to be distributed evenly.

Standard features of the PD20 include an 8mm Hardox floor, 6mm Hardox sides, hydraulic drawbar suspension, parabolic axle suspension, air-over hydraulic brakes (420mm x 180mm shoes) and 525/65 R20.5 tyres.

Options include: a steering axle, weigh cells and up-and-over cover. The PD20 has a starting list price of €38,000 plus VAT.

Merlo TF38.10 telehandler

The tidy Merlo 38.10 caught the eye of many as it entered the show. It offers a lift height of 9.7m, a lift capacity of 3,800kg and a ground clearance of 460mm.

The range is powered by a Stage V 136hp 3.6l Deutz engine. The engine is married to a hydrostatic transmission, with permanent four-wheel drive, which has a maximum forward speed of 40km/h.

Merlo’s patented EPD (Eco Power Drive) system is designed for the electronic control and regulation of the engine and transmission.

The EPD automatically controls and adjusts engine speed, hydrostatic pump flow rate and hydrostatic engine displacement, according to operating conditions, to maximise efficiency and reduce RPM.

The firm says it has the potential to reduce fuel consumption by up to 18%.

The EPD also provides control of the engine speed proportionally to the use of the joystick, thus, the greater the inclination of the joystick, the greater the engine revolutions.

It features a 150l/m load-sensing hydraulic system and comes with three steering options, including front-wheel steering, pivot steering and crab steering. It’s priced at €115,000 plus VAT.