Trade at Monday’s sale in Tuam Mart, Co Galway, cooled slightly from the previous week, as is being seen across the country in the last fortnight, especially for weanlings.

Smaller numbers coming forward at this point of the year also means that the overall quality of stock offered in sales is more variable and therefore reflected in the prices paid.

That being said, there were still some top prices paid for good-quality weanlings on Monday evening, especially for well-conformed continental-bred stock.

Weanling heifers weighing 250kg to 300kg averaged €2.75/kg and up to €3.20/kg for better-quality lots, such as a pair of June-born Charolais heifers weighing 272kg selling for €870.

Those from 300kg to 350kg averaged €2.68/kg, while a small number of heavier heifers over 350kg averaged €2.26/kg.

Weanling bulls

Weanling bulls weighing 250kg to 300kg averaged €2.68/kg. This varied from €2.48/kg up to €3.05/kg for a 295kg May-born Charolais bull (€900).

Those weighing between 300kg and 350kg averaged €2.41/kg, ranging from €1.80/kg to €1.90/kg for plainer types or those with a greater dairy influence, up to €2.86/kg for a 315kg March-born Limousin (€900).

Bull weanlings from 350kg to 400kg averaged €2.44/kg, again ranging from around the €1.80/kg mark for dairy-cross beef types up to a top price of €3.11/kg.

Typically, these cattle ranged around €2.45/kg to €2.60/kg for decent-quality types.


Bullocks weighing 400kg to 500kg averaged €2.22/kg, ranging from €1.80/kg to €1.90/kg for early-maturing dairy-cross beef types and up to €2.55/kg to €2.65/kg for well-conformed suckler-bred lots.

A decent entry of bullocks weighing between 500kg and 600kg saw a similar story, with an average price paid of €2.20/kg, with dairy-beef types trading around the €1.80/kg mark up to €2/kg for nicer types, while suckler-bred types typically traded from €2.25/kg to €2.45/kg for the most part.

Heavier bullocks over 600kg averaged €2.13/kg, again with dairy-beef types making around €1.90/kg to €2/kg in most cases, while suckler-bred stock averaged €2.20/kg and up to €2.41/kg for a March 2020-born Charolais weighing 605kg (€1,460).


Heifers weighing 400kg to 500kg averaged €2.15/kg. However, a number of Angus-sired dairy-beef types trading around the €1.85/kg to €2/kg mark pulled down the overall average.

Suckler-bred heifers typically traded between €2.25/kg and €2.40/kg and up to €2.55/kg in some cases.

Those weighing 500kg to 600kg had a similar overall average at €2.14/kg, with dairy-beef Angus and Hereford types trading from €1.85/kg to €2/kg for the most part.

Suckler-bred stock traded between €2.20/kg and €2.30/kg for the most part and topped out at €2.58/kg.

Heavier heifers over 600kg also averaged €2.14/kg, again with a wide range depending on conformation and quality.

Typically, suckler-bred heifers traded around the €2.20/kg to €2.30/kg mark and up to €2.45/kg on a number of occasions for top-quality lots.


Friesian types averaged €0.89/kg, which ranged from €0.60/kg for older types and those lacking flesh up to €1.15/kg for better-fleshed types.

Suckler cows averaged €1.82/kg and made up to €2.18/kg for a 2014 Charolais cow weighing 980kg (€2,140).