Prices for livestock rations look set to ease by another £10/t to £15/t from 1 July, although some feed mills have moved early and applied similar price corrections within the past fortnight.

The latest price corrections will put beef finishing blends between £290/t and £310/t for rations with 40% to 50% maize content, rising to £330/t for high-spec rations with yeasts included.

General purpose cattle blends are priced around £300 to £310 for predominantly barley-based rations, with pelleted feeds costing £15 to £20/t more.

Lamb finishing blends are available from £345/t, and again pelleted feeds are more expensive than blends.

Dairy rations are generally priced at £340/t for blends around 18% protein, and rise to £380/t for pelleted feeds with 20% protein content.


There has been a slight easing in fertiliser prices, with quotes falling by £5 to £10/t, although most of the outlined corrections have been made at the higher end of the market.

CAN is generally trading between £300 and £305/t, but where farmers have ordered larger quantities, deals are being done at £295/t. CAN with added sulphur costs £10 to £15/t more. Compounds such as 25-5-5 and 27-4-4- are moving around the £380/t mark, although there are discounts for larger quantities and full payment on delivery.

There are some signs that fertiliser prices are bottoming out for this season, based on forward prices for urea delivered this autumn, which have moved higher on the back of a small recovery in EU gas prices.

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