For a dairy farmer supplying 1m litres annually at either high or average solids, Strathroy paid the highest price in June, ahead of Dale Farm in second.

The parameters used to calculate the published prices for both milk qualities are outlined in Table 1 on the opposite page.

On high solids milk, prices across all processors averaged 33.24p/l in June, down from 34.17p/l in May and approximately 12p/l lower than the corresponding value 12 months ago.

Strathroy leads on 34.54p/l, having gained two places from the previous league, while Dale Farm remains in second on 33.98p/l.

Tirlán/Fivemiletown slips two places to third with the price calculated using its hybrid A+B-C model. This hybrid price is 0.2p/l higher than if 100% of milk was paid for under its conventional milk pricing option.

In the lower half of the table, Aurivo remains in fourth, with Glanbia Cheese and Lakeland Dairies unchanged in fifth and sixth respectively.

Average solids

For average solids milk, the price paid across all processors comes out at an average of 32.51p/l.

This is down from 33.44p/l in May and a drop of 13p/l year on year, which for a farmer supplying 8.9% of annual yield in June is a difference of more than £12,500 in milk sales.

Strathroy again finishes on top, with a price of 33.99p/l for milk collected on alternate days, a gain of one place from the previous league.

Dale Farm also climbs one place to second with Tirlán dropping to third.

Aurivo holds on to fourth, ahead of Glanbia Cheese and Lakeland.

Rolling milk price

Despite finishing third in our June analysis, Tirlán continues to lead the 12- month rolling league tables for both high and average solids milk.

Dale Farm remains in second across both parameters.

The only positional change sees Strathroy moving up to third, leapfrogging Lakeland, which slips to fourth.

Aurivo and Glanbia Cheese round out the tables.

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