Renewable energy systems are becoming mainstream, with farmers, businesses and homeowners actively considering how renewables can work for them.

We bring you highlights from the Cork and Kilkenny legs of our Renewables Roadshow. Hundreds of people attended the two events, with both the Cavan and Athlone events still to come.

The event focused on grant options, payback periods and emission savings from a range of technologies, but also touched on the challenges that still exist when trying to install a renewable energy system.

Taoiseach Simon Harris has come out strongly in favour of biomethane and farming, stating that he wants to implement agri-environment strategies – such as the biomethane strategy – so farmers can earn a good income while protecting our environment.

We bring you an update from a new project, LIFE farm4more, led by UCD, which aims to extract high-value products from grass before being used as animal feed or biomethane feedstock.

We highlight a request for information that has been launched by Northern Ireland’s gas network operators as they seek to determine the interests and volumes of biomethane set to be produced in Northern Ireland over the coming years.


The 60% TAMS III grant for solar PV systems certainly makes investment decisions easier as payback periods are slashed, but the scheme is still under-resourced, leading to long delays and approval times.

We bring you the latest from the scheme.

Renewables Roadshow partner, the IFA, shares the experience of its solar PV journey so far.

Finally, we run through some of the podcasts available to listen to from the Irish Farmers Journal.