I got plenty of calls during the week after another round of Dairygold regional meetings and it wasn’t about milk price.

The noise from Limerick, east Cork and Tipperary is still around Munster Bovine and questions around a lack of investment in the bread and butter, namely milk recording equipment.

I’m told some of the meters are over 15 years old and the budget won’t allow replacement or reinvestment.

Interestingly, I’m told Swiss company Datamars (the livestock identification company), has a number of projects ongoing with Munster Bovine trialling new equipment for heat detection and the likes.

Datamars owns Tru Test, so maybe Munster and Datamars could do a deal for new milk meters.

Between genomic evaluations and Department TB evaluations, if we can’t get milk recording right, the knock-on effects could be big.

The Munster Bovine board must be working overtime these days and I hear chair Richard Hinchion has his work cut out to keep the ball pucked out. So much for lazy summer days.

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