I farm: “In Moneymeen, Co Wicklow, with my husband Vincent and two daughters. We run a suckler herd as well as a flock of 200 Wicklow Cheviot ewes. We farm 160ha between commonage and inside ground. I am the seventh generation of Devitt farming sheep in the area.”

Our flock: “Cheviot sheep have been farmed on this farm from when the breed was first introduced into the Aughrim area. The flock is well established and our ewes have always been highly sought after for replacement ewes for flocks all over the country and especially for breeding the Borris ewe.”

At the minute: “We are in the process of weaning lambs. They are being put on to aftergrass and all the ewes that are being kept for breeding are being returned to the hill. The spring was very good, and we reared a good crop of lambs this year.”

Ewe selection: “Once weaning takes place, my attention turns to selecting ewes and lambs for the show and sale. I always select sheep as uniform to one another as possible regarding size, conformation, nice heads and similar wool.”

In the next few weeks: “We will be drafting lambs and ewes for sale. The first sale we go to every year is the Aughrim Sheep Breeders Annual Show and Sale in Carnew Mart. It’s where we showcase our sheep every year. I always bring two or three pens, and they have won the Wicklow Cheviot mountain class the last few years.”

Quotable quote: “My favourite job is going to the hill after the sheep, whether it’s settling the hoggets in April or gathering in June for shearing. A good dog is a very valuable asset at this time.”

The 54th Aughrim Sheep Breeders Annual Show and Sale: “The show and sale is taking place in Carnew Mart on Friday, 3 September. There will be different classes, ranging from Suffolk-cross ewes and ewe lambs to mountain and lowland classes for Cheviots. There will also be ram classes. For more information, contact Seán O’Neill, chair of the Aughrim Sheep Breeders on 087-9188131.”