Cull ewes hit €300 per head
Darren Carty
The spring lamb trade has started relatively positively, with lambs averaging from €165 to €180 in marts, but the trade has been overshadowed by heavy cull ewes making €220 to €270 per head.
20 January 2022 Markets
Tullow flock clearance sale offers quality Cheviots carrying Suffolk lambs
The 60 Wicklow Cheviot ewes are carrying an average of 1.8 lambs per ewe and are due to lamb from 1 March onwards.
19 January 2022 Markets
Camera at the Mart: ewes with lambs at foot hit €320 in Tullow
Younger ewes with twin lambs at foot or mature ewes with strong lambs sold from €270 to €305 on average, with full- and broken-mouth ewes and young lambs selling back to €235.