I farm: ”About four miles from Lahinch near the village of Moy with my wife (Sally), and our two girls Sunshine (six) and Grá (three) and we’re farming full-time.”

Moving to Clare: “I’m from Mayo originally and my parents have an organic vegetable garden for the last 30 years but I was really into surfing and spent a lot of time in Clare. We bought 17ac in 2015 and were really lucky 49ac came up for sale across the road two years later.”

Soil type: ”The land is very poor, but we’re working on improving it and have planted a lot of trees to help buffer the weather from the Atlantic.“

Animals: “We have 15 Dexter cattle and some Jacob sheep which we get butchered and sell directly to customers. We also have 150 bronze turkeys for the Christmas market.”

Small abattoirs: ”About 120 of the turkeys are already in the freezer because it has been really difficult to find abattoirs to kill poultry and no one is looking for big turkeys this year. In the coming years, we’re hoping to set up our own abattoir.”

Farm finance: “The market gardens are our bread and butter in terms of farm finance and I sell vegetables in a number of farmers’ markets but I have a lot more interest in the animals and want to get more into them.”

Friendly neighbours: ”The neighbours like that we do it but think we’re all a bit mad. They like to help and now we’re getting more into the livestock side their experience has been really helpful.”

Quotable quote: “I think that we have been sold some dead-end ideas about small farms and that there needs to be a rethink about small farms and diversifying into different areas. Most farmers would love to not have to leave their farms and work off-farm every day.”