Rollercoaster year for factory prices
Phelim O'Neill
As always, there is a big spread between factories of prices paid for the same grade of cattle in 2023.
6 December 2023 News
UK visa rules to increase factory costs
While the main short term concern for UK meat factories is veterinary cover, the new visa rules for overseas workers will ultimately increase factory costs.
15 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Beef grading machines to get digital update
VIA machines installed at the seven major meat plants in NI are to be upgraded to new digital technology
NI abattoirs face five-day shutdown
A strike by vets and meat inspectors is likely to bring abattoirs to a standstill
18 October 2023 Northern Ireland
Growth forecast for Halal market
A growing market segment for Irish cattle and sheep is good news, but it isn't straightforward.
6 September 2023 News