Ireland’s poultry sector commits to lowering emissions in new roadmap
Amy Forde
The roadmap also states that a priority for the poultry sector will be to work with Bord Bia to further develop its carbon footprinting model.
29 November 2023 Tractors
Compact but capable M series Deere at home on mixed Cavan farm
Gary Abbott caught up with dairy farmer and free-range poultry producer, Aidan Brady to find out why his 6140M John Deere proves the ideal loader tractor for his mixed farming enterprise.
15 November 2023 News
Over 900 cattle, sheep and poultry attacked by dogs in 2022
Of the numbers attacked, 378 animals were either maimed, killed or put down, the figures show.
BSE jinx stops exports to China
If there is a positive angle to this story, it is that, apart from China, the atypical BSE case has no impact whatsoever on Ireland’s beef export trade or BSE status.
8 November 2023 News
Selling meat and dairy on the other side of the world
It may not be the biggest market, but Southeast Asia has potential
8 November 2023 News
€40m for Dutch poultry business to hatch female-only chicks
This funding will propel the expansion of 'Ella', which is a fast and accurate technology to determine the sex of hatching eggs at an early stage.
4 November 2023 Poultry
Cross-border co-operation imperative on poultry education - IFA
The poultry industry has lost its shine and needs to be reinvigorated, IFA poultry committee chair Nigel Sweetnam has said.
3 November 2023 News
Threat of more strikes and factory closures
A five-day strike by department vets and meat inspectors this week has caused huge disruption to meat processing in NI
1 November 2023 Northern Ireland
'Cautious optimism' for bird flu this winter
David Wright reports from the industry conference organised by the Poultry Industry Education Trust
1 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Gene-edited hens immune to bird flu – ICL research
Hens with resistance to bird flu could soon be available for UK poultry growers following recent research.
28 October 2023 Poultry
Costs hit Moy Park profits
Rising feed, labour and utility bill costs drag Moy Park profits down, despite an increase in turnover.
25 October 2023 News
NI abattoirs face five-day shutdown
A strike by vets and meat inspectors is likely to bring abattoirs to a standstill
18 October 2023 Northern Ireland