I farm: “Eighty-five acres in Lisarney, Cootehill, Cavan, 70 acres of my own and 15 acres rented. I have a mixture of dairy and beef on the farm.”

Starting out: “I’m 24 and went to Ballyhaise. I worked in ABP in Clones for three years but I always had the intention of milking, which I started last year. The lads around me found it to be a very difficult year. I knew no different then, but I can already see that this year is going much better.”

Dairy: “I am milking 40 cows at the moment. There is around half British Friesian and the other half are Holstein Friesian with no crossing. The cows are on an 18% dairy nut from Lakeland with a current production of 26L/day with 3.29% protein and 3.53% fat.”

Beef: “I have 50 suckler cows that are mostly Limousin crossed with Angus. Twenty are spring-calving and the rest are autumn-calving. They are a quiet bunch, they’re the best. I sell the calves on as weanlings around the 350kg mark. At the minute, they are just on grass and doing very well.”

Grass: “We have all the silage done here now with the first cut going into the pit two weeks ago. I got a contractor to do it; it’s grand to just have it in and finished. There is enough to be done around without that as well.”

Family: “I took over the farm from my father Gerry. He still helps me a lot. My mother Susie is there as well. I have three sisters, Arlene, Farah and Lauren. They didn’t really have an interest in the farm growing up but they would be out and about all the same.”

Future plans: “I do like the mixed farming but I will probably cut back on the sucklers. I would like to get more into the milking end of it. I wouldn’t be really set up for it at the minute. I need a few more cubicles and maybe a new shed. Once I do that, I will definitely push on with it.”

Quotable quote: “I do like the dairy side of it a bit more. You have your monthly cheque and it is consistent. You’re down to just once or twice a year when you look at the beef end of it.”

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