There is nothing our twins enjoy more than lamb chops. They love to use their hands to eat them. I just simply grill them in the oven. Marty Whelan told me on LyricFM recently that pork chops are one of his favourite meals. In this simple recipe I am using pesto potatoes. You can get good-quality fresh pesto now. Frozen peas are essential. I love them in a risotto and I love them with lamb. The key is good Irish lamb and really nice potatoes.

Boneless pork chops are good value. I grill them on a good hot pan. You can get good-quality apple sauces but it is easy to make your own. Some chopped Bramley apples, unsweetened apple juice, a piece of cinnamon and a touch of sugar and you have gorgeous home made apple sauce. Folláin Foods make a very good apple sauce. I like to serve with steamed broccoli and sometimes use rice instead of the potatoes.