Weighing of 2020-born bullocks and heifers took place recently on Newford Farm.

The 39 bullocks were weighed on Thursday 17 June and averaged 505kg liveweight, while the 56 heifers were weighed on 9 June and averaged 484kg.

The average age of both the bullocks and heifers at weighing was 16 months.

Heifers are reported as performing well in recent weeks and Teagasc's Michael Fagan reports they have gained 1.01kg since their last weighing on 28 April.

Michael reports the top 25 heifers in the batch are weighing 521kg on average, with these animals generally fleshing up nicely.

The target is to start drafting heifers as they come fit for slaughter from the end of July onwards and the hope is to get a significant number finished on a grass-only diet.

Grass management

Achieving high levels of performance will be dependent on keeping good-quality grass ahead of stock.

Michael reports that the high grass growth rates at present is allowing any paddock with a strong cover of upwards of 2,000kg DM/ha to be quickly pulled out of the rotation and baled to deliver a quick turnaround to grazing again.

The target is to maintain the average farm cover in the region of 650kg DM to 675kg DM/ha, with cattle going into covers of 1,250kg to 1,400kg DM/ha.

This is also serving a purpose of helping clover which was stitched into grassland to establish.

There was also six acres of ground on the Newford grazing block reseeded.

The two paddocks were sown with Abergain and Aberchoice at a rate of 12.5kg of seed per acre, while clover seed (Buddy variety) was included at 1.5kg in the mix.