UK sheep flock grows by 3% in 2021
Darren Carty
The increase from 14.1m to 14.5m ewes comes despite the recent announcement that the English flock contracted last year and reduced by 1% to 6.4m ewes.
5 January 2022 Dairy Equipment
New rotary going like clockwork
John Crowe visited a new DeLaval rotary in Co Louth where cow flow, milking time and milker comfort were top of the wishlist.
1 December 2021 Northern Ireland
No changes to EID tagging in Northern Ireland
While EID tagging of cattle has been under review in recent years by Government officials it is not a compulsory requirement for herd owners.
Newford Farm update: another 22 cattle drafted for slaughter
A batch of 15 heifers recorded an average carcase weight of 326kg while the seven bullocks returned an average carcase weight of 367kg.
28 November 2021 Tullamore Farm
Thrive: final draft of cattle off grass on demo farm
The Thrive demo farm aims to slaughter as many cattle off grass at the end of the second grazing season as possible each year.
10 November 2021 Grass & feeding
Thrive: striking the balance between slaughter age and carcase weight
The latest batch of cattle slaughtered off grass on the Thrive demo farm have performed well on average, but individual animals continue to let the system down. Declan Marren reports.
20 October 2021 Grass & feeding
Confidence is key to adopting automation
Difficulties in sourcing labour is one of the main drivers towards automation on Irish dairy farms, writes William Conlon.
13 October 2021 Agri Technology
Thrive weekly roundup: calf performance at grass and drafting finishing stock
This week's dairy beef programme roundup looks at maintaining calf performance at grass this autumn, as well as a recap from the recent webinar focusing on drafting cattle for slaughter off grass.
25 September 2021 Grass & feeding
SenseHub open day: collars like having another man in the yard
Automated heat and health detection collars were discussed at a farm walk in Wexford, John Crowe reports.
10 September 2021 Breeding & health
Watch back: drafting dairy beef cattle off grass webinar
The Irish Farmers Journal specialist team hosted a Thrive dairy-beef webinar on Thursday 9 September.
9 September 2021 Video
Cautious welcome for new solid fuels rules
Things are set to drastically change for those burning solid fuels over the coming year.
7 September 2021 News
Tullamore Farm update: lamb sale prices averaging €131.46
The latest batch of lambs drafted on 26 August achieved an average sale value of €132.85.
3 September 2021 News