As the European Union prepares for the upcoming elections, the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA) has announced the publication of its manifesto.

With less than 12% of farmers in the EU under the age of 40 in 2020, the manifesto focuses on the challenge of generational renewal in agriculture.

The document outlines 10 critical points that demand the consideration of candidates competing for seats in the European Parliament:

  • Access to investment
  • Climate change and water
  • Access to land
  • Future of the CAP
  • Innovation, education, knowledge and skills
  • Governance and legal certainty
  • Income and position in the value chain
  • Rural areas and livelihood
  • Youth involvement and funding
  • A better consideration of the diversity of farming systems.
  • Emphasising the significance of this manifesto, Rudolfs Pulkstenis, vice president of CEJA, said that the actions of the future new members of the European Parliament will be closely monitored by young farmers.

    "We will closely monitor their actions and advocate for policies that support the interests of young farmers, ensure sustainable prospects for a generation full of ideas, projects, goodwill and vocation”.

    Ready to contribute

    With a network of 33 national member organisations, CEJA said it stands ready to contribute to discussions surrounding the future of agriculture in Europe.

    On Monday 25 March, CEJA opens the door to all EU election candidates for a discussion with its young farmers from all over Europe who gather in Brussels for a two-day working group.