Farmer Writes: phenomenal prices being paid for milking cows
Joe Collingborn
Joe Collingborn recently sold a batch of in-calf heifers and is trying to discover why prices are so high for milking cows.
9 June 2022 News
French man elected World Farmers’ Organisation president
The World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) elected a new president on Wednesday.
1 June 2022 News
Voting preferences of farmers revealed
An Irish Farmers Journal survey has revealed what way farmers would vote in a general election.
Independents maintain their hold on farming vote
With 20% of all farmers supporting independent candidates, their presence in the Dáil is sure to continue.
1 June 2022
NI Ag can move forward for now
A legislative change means that even without political agreement, Minister Poots can remain in post.
11 May 2022 Northern Ireland
In full: NI Assembly election agri questions
Here are the full responses from political parties in Northern Ireland to our agri election questions.
27 April 2022 Northern Ireland
Ulster Unionists air lame election advert
Voters in Northern Ireland go to the polls for Assembly elections on 5 May 2022.
27 April 2022 Dealer
Environmental groups ‘holding the national interest hostage’ – ICMSA
The Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers Association has suggested that if environmental groups want to change Government policy, they should seek election.
3 March 2022 News
Fine Gael puts focus on farming vote
The party is addressing the drift of their farming vote over the coming months
2 March 2022 Dealer
Farmers mustn’t give up on climate target
Farmers should not give up on letting their views be known around potential climate change legislation in NI.
9 February 2022 Opinion
O'Keeffe succeeds Baker in north Cork
Mitchelstown pig farmer Pat O'Keeffe defeated John Magner to be elected North Cork IFA chair.
12 January 2022 News
O’Keeffe prevails in close north Cork IFA poll
The Mitchelstown pig farmer will replace Anne Baker as north Cork chair.
10 January 2022 News