Donegal IFA election result to be discussed by IFA rules committee
Amy Forde
One of the candidates for chair - Peter Lynch - said he was very disappointed at the outcome of the election, given his contribution to the IFA.
1 March 2023 News
Macra president a one-woman race
Nominations for president and vice-presidents will close on Wednesday 1 March at 5pm.
28 February 2023 News
One candidate declares for Macra presidential election
Nominations for president and vice-presidents will close on Wednesday 1 March at 5pm.
Dairygold elects Gerard O’Dwyer as vice-chair
The election of the new vice-chair of the co-op on Friday follows the election of its new chair earlier this month.
13 January 2023 News
Labour Party in pole position to take power
A Labour win in 2024 looks almost inevitable at this stage, but what would it mean for farmers?
4 January 2023 Northern Ireland
Cork man Seán O’Brien elected Dairygold chair
Dairygold has elected a new chair following the stepping down of John O’Gorman.
4 January 2023 News
Stalemate leaves big decisions on hold
Ministers are required at Stormont to sign-off on major policy items, including issues that will impact farmers.
28 December 2022 Northern Ireland
ICSA presidential race: what will the candidates do for drystock farmers?
The two candidates vying to become the next ICSA president have outlined what they would do for Ireland’s beef and sheep farmers.
12 December 2022 News
Farm transfers safe under a Sinn Féin government - McDonald
The Sinn Féin leader commits that farm assets won't be targeted by capital taxation should her party form the next government.
5 December 2022 News
Two candidates to run for ICSA president
The ICSA presidential election will take place on 14 December in Portlaoise. A result is expected around 9pm.
5 December 2022 News
Opinion: Budget 2023 could be an election budget
The most leaked Irish budget ever could be this Government’s swansong. If it is, Saturday’s Fianna Fáil Ard Fheis is the start of the long lead-in to a marshalling of the canvassing armies.
1 October 2022 Opinion