DEAR EDITOR, your article last week “Climate neutral Ireland could require a 30% cut in meat and milk – EPA research” is something I can’t understand. If we wanted a climate neutral Ireland, we wouldn’t be building data centres, airport runways etc. We wouldn’t be building on our towns’ and cities’ floodplains.

What we should be doing is building our biology in the soil using grazing animals. What we need are more grazing animals, farmed regeneratively.

What we need is to call out the science that is being used. There is no account taken of the amount of carbon that we sequester in our grasslands.

There is no account for the fact that we have the same number of bovines in the country for the last 50 years. There is no account for the fact that methane gas has a 10-12 year life cycle.

I believe that by publishing this, the EPA has an agenda to get rid of the most carbon neutral food in the world and replace it with data centres and so on.

We produce some of the healthiest food on the planet here in Ireland, and we are to blame? It’s time for us farmers to educate ourselves on the facts and stand up for ourselves, because unfortunately the educated professionals who are making a very good living off us, should be defending us but sadly they are not.