DEAR SIR: As reported in last week’s Irish Farmers Journal, it seems that the Food Vision Group has joined forces with all the other expert groupings in recommending a reduction in our cattle herd and a diminishing of our ability to produce food.

The preference of these people, many of whom wouldn’t know a bullock from a rhinoceros, is for the elimination of our suckler herd and returning our countryside back to what it was like thousands of years ago.

Have they any idea of what good beef cattle mean to the health and welfare of drystock farmers and the rural economy?

Recently I asked a renowned cattleman if he would buy Friesians as they appeared to be very cheap compared to the well-bred, well-shaped continental crosses and he replied: “If I thought I was going to go blind I might!”

There is more to life than money.

We did have good Friesian cattle once upon a time but the Holstein blood is now prevalent and the Angus crosses from these Friesian cows are for the most part worse than the Friesians.

Take a look around the world and wonder why are we penalising our agricultural industry? Ryanair alone had over 92,000 flights last July. Why have so many commentators and scribes bought into the propaganda of the Greens and very many in other political parties. There is serious climate change happening but the notion that this little green island should produce less food is beyond stupid. We can’t do anything about climate change but we can do something in a world ravaged by famine, floods, wars, wildfires etc.

If we want to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions it cannot be at the expense of our only real and everlasting wealth – the eight to 10 inches of topsoil that gives us life. As for the Food Vision Group they should have gone to Specsavers! There are none so blind as those that will not see.