According to an article in the Surrey Mirror, a crop circle on Reigate Hill in Surrey has caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage and the loss of premium wheat to sell to Hovis, a British company that makes bread.

A farmer who works on the land told the news website that she is "devastated" about the destruction.

Rachel McMaster, 24, said: "We are all so devastated about it. Last year one of our fields had a crop circle and it cost us hundreds of pounds worth of damage. We spend months sowing and tending to the fields and it was all gone in a moment."

The Surrey Mirror says photos of the crop circle were circulated online and that their photographer has verified the existence of the circle, which is in the design of an alien head surrounded by a circle of feathers., a photography and cinematography company, has filmed an overhead view of the circle and uploaded it to its YouTube channel:

"I hope whoever did this doesn't eat bread or biscuits," McMaster told the Mirror. "The field is filled with premium wheat and we would have sent it to Hovis. We can't just pick up the crops that have been thrown on the floor- it won't be combined."

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