One in four young farmers have very poor broadband speeds, while 22% have poor broadband.

  • 4.7% of young farmers have no access to broadband at all.
  • 25% consider their broadband speed to be “fair” and 20% have “good” broadband.
  • Just 3% have very good broadband speeds in their area.
  • Earlier this year, Ciara Leahy, Irish Country Living, detailed the latest national broadband plan (NBP) (NBP). The Department of Communications has been working on the NBP for the last year with all the key stakeholders, including potential bidders, broadband providers, county councils and lobby groups, such as the IFA. The broadband intervention strategy outlines how the Government plans to deliver this huge project.

    The young farmer survey is conducted by Macra na Feirme on an annual basis. Of the 295 respondents 225 were male. One third of respondents were full time farmers and another third were part time farmers while 6.3% were farm employees and 17.6% were students of agriculture.

    In a sector by sector breakdown 46% were beef farmers, 21% dairy, 6% tillage and 1% pigs.