Kilkenny Mart had another big yard of cattle on Thursday, with over 1,000 animals moving through the rings.

Trade was up on last week for some of the store bullocks and heifers, with a few exceptional prices being paid for forward store and beef animals.

Top-quality heifers in the 400kg to 500kg bracket, typical cattle ready for turnout, came in at €3.04/kg this week, up 12c/kg on last week’s trading.

Average-quality heifers in the same weight bracket came in at €2.75/kg, also up 12c/kg on the previous week.

In the bullock ring, it was a similar story in the trade, with top-quality bullocks coming in at €3.41/kg, a 12c/kg rise on the previous week. Average-quality bullocks in the 500kg to 600kg got a big lift of 21c/kg to come in at €3.16/kg this week.

Top price

The stand-out price was €2,780 paid for a 935kg Charolais bullock. Calculating him up at a 55% kill-out, he would kill out at 514kg and adding about €90 to cover commission, haulage and killing costs, he would need to come into €5.58/kg to break even, considerably more than he would be worth in a factory lairage this week.


This November 2020-born Charolais bullock weighed 935kg and sold for €2,780 (€2.97/kg).

These three Charolais bullocks weighed 825kg/head on average and sold for €2,400 each (€2.91/kg).

This February 2021-born Limousin bullock weighed 765kg and sold for €2,200 (€2.88/kg).

These three Limousin bullocks born in March 2021 weighed 732kg and sold for €2,120 each (€2.90/kg).

This pair of May 2022-born Limousin bullocks weighed 595kg and sold for €2,100 (€3.53/kg).

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, Kilkenny Mart auctioneer George Candler said: “The reduction in numbers, down from 1,450 last week, would indicate we have reached the peak for this spring.

"There was a suggestion a few days ago that factories were endeavouring to cut quotes, but going by the trade in Kilkenny, it appears that beef-type animals plus forward stores are in demand, with the suckler types showing a reduction in numbers.

"An indication of the strong trade was the fact that light Friesian bullocks with good shape made up to €2.40/kg, with heavier types to €2.70/kg.

"Any good-quality continental bullock or heifer is ranging from €2.70/kg to €3.85/kg, with some exceptional lots to €4.30/kg.

"Nice store Aberdeen Angus bullocks made up to €3/kg, with a lovely lot of Angus bullocks weighing 323kg selling for €970 (€3.00/kg).”