An estimated 3,500 people were in Mount Melleray Abbey on Saturday witnessing a 42-woman strong silage crew attempt to set a Guinness world record.

The record was attempted in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.

The attempt, which took place during the Mount Melleray Community Silage Weekend, involved a crew of woman recruited from Waterford, Tipperary, Cork, Limerick and as far as Wales.

The women mowed, raked and drew 30ac of silage from 1:30pm until 6pm.

They used a mixture of modern and older machinery, with each participant allowed to bring their own tractor and machinery to the event.


According to organiser John O'Brien, the event was a major success.

"We are delighted with the day. Everybody has enjoyed themselves and the weather held up. The crowd was huge as well. There were around 3,500 people here," he said.

“In agriculture, the impact woman have can be overlooked sometimes. But today they are getting the recognition and due credit they deserve.”

Welsh visitor

Among the 42-strong female silage crew was Dawn Cracknell. The silage contractor came from Wales for the event when hearing about it from a client in at home.

Cracknell, who celebrated her 46th birthday on Saturday, said the event was a brilliant occasion: "It is great for the community. It is great for woman in agriculture and it is for a brilliant cause.”

All-female mechanics

Also backing up the silage ladies was a team of lady mechanics.

The Socket Rockets, the only ladies team in the country capable of rebuilding a vintage tractor in a matter of minutes, gave a demonstration at the silage event.

The team built a disassembled Ferguson 20 in 8 minutes 45 seconds. The feat was achieved by the all-female crew using manual tools, with no hydraulic tools used.

Other activities

There was a wide range of activity at the show, including an appearance from the Air Corps, a barn dance and a display of vintage trucks, bikes, machinery and equipment.

World record

The organisers will know in a matter of weeks whether or not they have broken the world record as it must be verified by Guinness World Records.

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