Irish wind farms provided 42% of the country's electricity in February, slightly higher than in January.

Although down from the record-breaking performance of February 2022, the contribution of wind energy to the country's electricity supply is still substantial.

Wind Energy Ireland CEO Noel Cunniffe stated that “Irish wind farms provided nearly half the country’s electricity in the first two months of the year”.

“Every unit of power they produce pushes fossil fuels off the electricity system, helping to cut our carbon emissions and to insulate families and businesses from the worst effects of the energy price crisis,” he said.

Price drop

The average wholesale price of electricity in February was €159.19, down a small amount on prices in January, but still far higher than before the fossil fuel energy crisis.

Prices fell even further on days with the most wind power, when the average cost of a megawatt-hour of electricity was €139.61, rising to €196.85 on days when we had to rely almost entirely on fossil fuels.