A Co Cork based wind energy company has accepted in the High Court that its wind farm has caused nuisance damage to seven neighbouring families. The High Court has now set aside ten days in April 2017 to determine what if any damages should be paid by the company to the families.

The Farmers Journal understands that the cases taken by the families claim that the wind farm caused them nuisance as a result of excessive noise. The wind company is Enercon Wind Farm Services Ireland Ltd and it formally admitted liability to the Court.

The damages hearing for the seven cases have been consolidated by the High Court on the basis that the cases are related. It will start on Tuesday 25 April.

Pressure group Wind Aware Ireland claimed this week that the outcome of the case could be a watershed for existing and planned wind farms and investor confidence. “It is expected that more cases will now follow,” spokesperson Paula Byrne said in a statement.

It is alleged that a number of families had to abandon their homes because of the severity of the noise from the wind farm.