The NI Sheep Programme is running a webinar covering pre-breeding management on Thursday 27 August, starting at 7.30pm.

The event is open to everyone who registers at or you can click here to register.

Hosting the evening will be programme farmer Clement Lynch, who farms 500 ewes on upland and hill ground at Park, Co Derry.

Clement will outline all aspects of managing his breeding ewes in the run-up to and during the breeding season.


This includes culling decisions, condition scoring and grazing with a selection of pre-recorded videos showcasing ewes on farm.

Clement will be joined by his vet Des Fitzgibbon, who will demonstrate, using pre-recorded video, how to conduct the five simple pre-breeding checks on flock sires.

Other speakers on the evening include programme adviser Senan White and Irish Farmers Journal sheep editor Darren Carty.

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