As dairy farmers prepare to enter the spring calving season, there will be a series of farmer-focused events to discuss calf health.

The events are being organised by Animal Health Ireland (AHI) and Teagasc, in conjunction with 11 dairy milk processors, and will be held on dairy farms across the country.

With good calf health being the basis for long-term farm profitability, the events are designed to provide farmers with practical advice and knowledge on enhancing it.

Part of the agenda will be a discussion on the prevention and control of common scours caused by a number of parasitic infections, such as rotavirus, cryptosporidium and coccidiosis. There will also be a focus on Johne’s disease.


Correct housing and ventilation are important factors in calf health.

Farmers will have a chance to see what options are available to house extra calves if they find existing accommodation to be inadequate.

How to feed these calves quickly and efficiently will also be examined.

All events will get under way at 11am at the locations listed in Table 1.

It should be noted that a misprint in this week’s Irish Farmers Journal showed an event taking place on 18 January on the farm of Robert Forrest. This event is not taking place.