Frequently asked questions on calf care
Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan attempts to answer some frequently asked questions on calf care and calf health problems.
28 February 2024 Animal Health
Avoiding animal health problems this March
Aidan Brennan looks ahead to the spring animal health focus and says prevention is better than cure when it comes animal health in springtime.
28 February 2024 Management
Dairy Management: calf problems, cashflow and slow milkers
Aidan Brennan takes a look at one possible solution for dealing with cows that are slow milkers.
Keeping on top of calf creep management
Creep areas provide dry lying areas for young stock, which can help to improve calf health.
27 February 2024 Management
Five tips to reducing the risk of calf scour
Calf scour is the main cause of mortality in the first few weeks of life, so keeping on top of hygiene in sheds is important.
24 February 2024 Management
BioBalance Next-Gen: delivering strong, healthy calves this spring
With calving well under way on most dairy farms around the country and calf accommodation filling up every day, it is timely to look at the major influence of the microbiome in calf health.
Tips for storing and feeding colostrum
Every now and then, colostrum will have to be manually fed to a calf. Keep some of the outlined tips in mind for storing and feeding colostrum.
6 February 2024 Management
Dairy management: early nitrogen and calving
Aidan Brennan has some advice for farmers considering applying some early nitrogen to grass swards.
31 January 2024 Management
Coolnagree Holsteins reaping success with GAIN Easi-Mix
Seamus O’Leary with wife Bridget, children Patrick and Kate, and dad Pat, operates Coolnagree Holsteins outside Enniscorthy. He discusses how he prepares and manages the dairy cow and calf for spring.
Well-ventilated calf shed ticking the box on Galway dairy farm
Darragh Callanan is in his second year of using his TAMS-spec calf shed, with a major increase in calf health seen. Martin Merrick reports.
24 January 2024 Calves
Teagasc 10 point action plan for dairy beef
Adam Woods reports from last week's launch of the stakeholder consultation process of the Teagasc ten-point action plan on dairy calf to beef systems in Ireland.
24 January 2024 Calves
Beginners' tips for rearing dairy calves
Successfully rearing dairy-bred calves takes skill. Outlined are some tips to consider where farmers have plans to move into this sector.
20 January 2024 Calves