Some 52,715ha of straw were chopped under the Straw Incorporation Measure (SIM) in 2022, according to figures from the Department of Agriculture.

A total of 2,548 applications were made under the scheme, meaning the average applicant chopped almost 20ha.

However, more straw was chopped outside of the scheme as the market was relatively slow at harvest and straw yields were good for many crops. As a result, uptake of the scheme looks promising for 2023. A budget of €10m is set aside for the scheme for the next five years of the CAP. Payments are due in December and current figures, dated 22 November, are subject to change.

The crop with the highest level of straw incorporation was winter oilseed rape at 11,139ha, while spring barley followed at 10,724ha and winter wheat was also high at 10,053ha. Spring oats and winter oats accounted for 6,437ha and 8,373ha respectively.