A rare opportunity presents itself next Tuesday in Tullow Mart, with 120 top-quality three- and four-year-old Cheviot ewes going under the hammer in a flock clearance sale.

The flock is offered for sale by David and Dylan Leybourne and is well known in the region, with progeny each year placed among the prize-winning lineup at the Tullow Sheep Breeders Association annual breeding sales.

Ewes are being sold due to a change in farm enterprise.

A snapshot of the Cheviot ewes offered for sale next Tuesday in Tullow mart.

The flock has a high-health status, with ewes vaccinated for toxoplasmosis and enzootic abortion and also treated for external parasites, via plunge dipping, and liver fluke.

The ewes are scanned in lamb and due to pedigree Suffolk rams from 1 March onwards.


Mart manager Eric Driver said the sale provides an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to source high-quality breeding stock for running on a lowland or upland farm, with generations of careful breeding decisions invested in the Cheviot ewes.

The sale will take place at approximately 12.30pm on Tuesday via the MartEye sales platform, with viewing in the mart that morning.

Improved trade vital

The sale is unfortunately a reminder of the continued vulnerability of sheep systems in the southeast of the country, with a number of high-profile clearance sales held this spring.

It reinforces the importance of the processing sector maintaining the recent upward upturn in farmgate prices and also serves as a reminder to the Department of Agriculture that sheep enterprises need to be sufficiently catered for in the next CAP.

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