The weather brought out the crowds at the All Ireland and All Nations Sheep Shearing and Woolhandling Championships in Castlepollard, Co Westmeath this weekend. The event takes place in Tullynally Castle on Saturday 4 and Sunday 5 June and is hosted by Townspark Vintage Club.

Ivan Scott, Donegal native and now nine-time All-Ireland Open shearing champion, was crowned the Irish open shearing champion for 2016.

Jack Robinson, from Co Derry, came second.

Left-hander Finn Butler, below, was named a senior winner in the shearing competition. Finn was very emotional after the victory and said he never thought he would win an All Ireland.

Helga Sinclair won overall winner of Queen of the Shears.

By the end of the championship, more than 200 competitors will have sheared 2,200 sheep across 19 different categories.

Sunday will see the competition take on an international flavour with a Six Nations Team competition featuring Ireland north and south, Scotland, England, Wales and France. We will have a full report from the international competition on the day on

See the full set of results from Saturday below

All Ireland Open

First - Ivan Scott 60.450,

Second - Jack Robinson 63.600,

Third - Robert Davidson 66.550

Fourth - Ian Mountgomery 66.600

Fifth - Tom Perry 69.1000

Sixth - Jimmy NcAuley 69.650

All Ireland Senior Heats

First - Finn Butler 47.450

Second - Stephen Morgan 48.450

Third - John Stephens 50.300

Fourth - Joseph Stephens 50.400

Fifth - Jason McNeice 52.050

Sixth - Johnny Paterson 52.750

All Ireland Intermediate Heats

First - Karol Devaney 53.715

Second - Joe Boylan 53.843

Third - Ronald Kennedy 57.571

Fourth - Pierce Bredin 60.007

Fifth - Russell Smyth 63.236

Sixth - Barry Devine 63.500

All Ireland Junior Heats

First - Robert Douglas 45.250

Second - Padraig Coen 52.150

Third - Joe Kerlin 53.750

Fourth - Liam Kelly 54.050

Fifth - Sean Corrigan 61.650

Sixth - Matthew P Murphy 67.350

Shearing New Zealand All Ireland Blade Heats

First - Peter Herarty 94.733

Second - Noel Joyce 100.700

Third - Patrick Moran 106.150

Fourth - Tom Halloran 122.650

Fifth - Padraig Kerrigan 125.883

Sixth - Martin Hopkins 131.317

Hotel Castlepollard Ladies

First - Helga Sinclair 23.000

Second - Jalle Resneau 24.650

Third - Emily Barker 32.800

Fourth - Joanne Devaney 62.400

All Ireland Wool Handling

First - George Graham 87.8

Second - Matt Murphy 187.4

International Wool Handling

First - Gwenan Paewai 60.800

Second - Brownen Tango 67.000

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