A South East Women in Farming meeting will take place in the Woodland Dolmen Hotel Carlow on 22 May, 2018 from 7:30-9:30pm.

On the night Paul Kidd, social farming development officer in the south east, will be explaining what social farming entails and two farmers already involved in social farming will share their experiences.

Social farming is the practice of offering activities on family farms as a form of social support. The farms are typical working farms and invite people to participate in the day to day activities on the farm. It provides people with the opportunity for improved social inclusion, increased self-esteem and improved health and well-being.

The farmers benefit too as it offers income diversification and multi functionality. It also creates the opportunity to reconnect farmers with their local communities through the opening up of their farms as part of the social support system of the farm.

"We've recently seen Agri Aware work with farmers to provide open farm days so non farmers can learn more about where their food comes from. Social farming benefits so many within the community as well as the farmers themselves. We're looking forward to finding out more on the 22nd, particularly from the two farmers already involved," says Lorna Sixsmith.

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