Northern Ireland
Private vets critical of BVD policy in NI
David Wright
With BVD rates in NI higher than in 2020, frustration is growing at the lack of action by DAERA to stamp out the disease.
10 August 2022 Northern Ireland
BVD herds to be closed up
The legislation will be in place by spring 2023 and it will not be held up by the ongoing political stalemate at Stormont.
Jalex in-calf heifers sell to £8,100
A timed auction of in-calf heifers from the Jalex herd saw animals peaking at £8,100.
BVD rules hit cattle exports to south
Cattle that are moving from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland for breeding or finishing are now subject to additional requirements
27 July 2022 Northern Ireland
Welsh on the hunt for BVD cattle
At present in Wales, no movement restrictions are applied when BVD-infected animals are identified.
20 July 2022 Northern Ireland
BVD tissue tag spend passes £15m
A small number of NI farmers continue to keep BVD infected calves, leading to calls for tougher regulation.
6 July 2022 Northern Ireland
‘Stringent’ rules for new BVD herd status in NI
The BVD free status only stays with a NI herd for 14 days before it expires, so the application process must start again for future movements.
29 June 2022 Northern Ireland
Farm sector ‘will get to net zero’ – Gilliland
MSD Animal Health demonstrated how improving animal health can also reduce farm emissions at their conference on Thursday.
8 June 2022 News
Tissue tagging will stay in NI
Progress with new BVD legislation and a livestock genetics programme in Northern Ireland has been painfully slow.
8 June 2022 Northern Ireland
ROI moves towards BVD-free status
Industry representatives have been calling on DAERA to introduce a system which assigns a BVD status to individual herds.
1 June 2022 Northern Ireland
Farmers have to see benefits of reaching BVD targets - IFA
Any failure to conclude the BVD programme in a satisfactory way for farmers will have long-term reputational damage for Animal Health Ireland (AHI), says the IFA.
27 May 2022 News
Ireland steps towards BVD-free status
The national BVD eradication plan has gained approval from Brussels.
25 May 2022 News