Grass, but not as we know it - silage explained
There are three key factors to making good-quality silage. Professor Tommy Boland from University College Dublin’s School of Agriculture explains what they are.
1 January 2023 Management
Five steps to carrying out a mid-winter fodder budget
A fodder budget is recommended in mid-winter to determine if there is enough silage in reserve to last until turnout.
6 December 2022 Management
Checking body condition in spring-calving cows
In spring-calving herds, animals that need body condition altered should have this corrected now in good time for the next crop of calves.
Five steps to managing the silage clamp
Winter feeding is in full swing across the country and where farmers are using silage in a clamp, outlined are five tips to managing the clamp face.
12 November 2022 Management
Prioritise replacement heifers for winter feeding
Maiden heifers that will be retained for breeding should be managed separately from store animals to drive weight gain and hit target weights at breeding time.
5 October 2022 Management