Northern Ireland
Earthworm populations indicate soil health
Peter McCann
Biological activity within soils has benefits for soil structure, organic matter levels, water infiltration and plant growth.
21 September 2022 Footprint Farmers
Check your soil health with the underpants test
The underpants soil test is a simple way of examining the health of your soil. It’s a good idea to try it on a few parts of the farm.
21 September 2022 News
My Farming Week: Trevor Harris, Donadea, Co Kildare
Trevor is busy harvesting salads at present, but has a great mix of crops and animals on the farm.
VistaMilk using satellites to collect real-time data on farm soils
The satellites can hone in on an area as small as 10 metres squared.
21 September 2022 News
Autumn liming to drive spring grass growth
It can take four to six months from spreading ground limestone to correct soil pH, so an autumn lime application is best to drive grass growth next spring.
20 September 2022 Management
First set of guidelines for carbon capture in cattle farming in place by Arla
The task has been to develop guidelines to be used across all cattle farming systems globally.
20 September 2022 Climate and environment
Do you want to get better value from your fertiliser?
Ellen Durkin outlines how farmers can achieve better results from their fertiliser and ultimately save some money.
16 September 2022 Soil
Plotting a pathway at Ploughing 2022
Adam Woods previews the livestock demo, discussion and debate that will take place on the Irish Farmers Journal stand at Ploughing 2022.
15 September 2022 Ploughing Championships
Reseeding grazing swards in Co Derry
Clement Lynch has just finished reseeding part of the grazing block on his Co Derry sheep plan.
14 September 2022 NI Sheep Programme
Multi-control strategy best for rushes
Farmers attending an on-farm event heard about the best approaches to controlling rushes.
14 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Farmer Writes: game-changing rain and Tirlán
Tirlán as a brand is maybe a little underwhelming for the moment but hopefully it will grow on all of us.
7 September 2022 Farmer Writes
Increased uptake for free soil scheme
The deadline for the soil scheme was extended after initial uptake was lower than expected.
7 September 2022 Northern Ireland