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Cereals down by 10,000ha
Siobhán Walsh
Crop area has declined this season by about 6,600ha. Cereals have taken a big drop of 10,000ha in 2024.
Accompany the Agronomist: disease levels moderate, gates beginning to close
19 June 2024 News
Accompany the Agronomist: disease levels moderate, gates beginning to close
Agronomists across the country took part in this survey. Siobhán Walsh reports.
New blight strain EU43 is causing concern
19 June 2024 News
New blight strain EU43 is causing concern
Shay Phelan of Teagasc said that the EU 43 strain of blight is 'probably more widespread than we think'.
Tillage needs investment to play its part in sustainable Irish agriculture
The tillage sector can play a key role in making Irish agriculture more sustainable and environmentally friendly, writes Siobhán Walsh.
19 June 2024 News
Ireland won’t grow gene edited, but will consume GM crops
Gene editing is different to genetic modification and according to a UCC lecturer and researcher, could reduce crop inputs, increase yields and improve safety.
18 June 2024 News
Main crops area down 2%, cereals down 4%
At this year’s Goldcrop open days crop area estimates were provided - and the outlook is better than expected.
16 June 2024 News
Tillage: buffers, liebacks and changes to ACRES rules
There are a lot of rules for tillage farmers to follow to protect water quality and more changes to ACRES rules.
15 June 2024 Nitrates
Tillage podcast: barley in Laois and soybeans in Springfield
On this week’s show we chat to US farmer Evan Leeper who is taking part in a regenerative agriculture programme in the US.
13 June 2024 News
John Deere updates walker combines
Deere has replaced its T500 and T600 combines with four T5 five-walker and four T6 six-walker models. Updates include the X9 cab, a new engine, larger grain tanks and enhanced precision ag technology.
12 June 2024 News
Teagasc’s campaign urges quicker adoption of water quality measures
A seven-year campaign launched by Teagasc, in collaboration with sector stakeholders, aims to improve water quality and help secure practices such as the retention of the nitrates derogation.
12 June 2024 Nitrates
Överum turns over a new sod
Following the sale off New Hollands plough division, Överum Industries has been established to supply dealers with ploughs and spare parts as well as reintroduce the Överum and Agrolux brands.
12 June 2024 News
Barley, deficiencies and no artificial fertiliser
In this installment of Accompany the Agronomist crops in Co Laois were looking well, but some issues needed attention.
12 June 2024 News