Five tips for the suckler breeding season
Kieran Mailey
In early spring calving suckler herds, breeding will be getting underway. Outlined are five tips for suckler breeding.
17 December 2022 Management
Five tips for managing the stock bull over winter
Given the investment made in a stock bull, don't forget to give the animal some preferential treatment during the winter housing period.
13 April 2022 Breeding
Which is cheaper - AI or stock bulls?
George Ramsbottom and Stuart Childs from Teagasc and Kevin Downing and John McCarthy from ICBF compare the costs of AI with stock bulls.
Five tips for managing the stock bull over winter
A stock bull is a major investment for any suckler herd, so here are our top tips to managing these animals over winter.
11 December 2021 Management
Options for replacing an injured stock bull
With breeding under way on suckler farms, Kieran Mailey outlines the options for replacing an injured or infertile stock bull.