Munster Bovine increases callout charge
The Dealer
Munster Bovine is moving to recoup some costs when it comes to autumn AI on farms.
21 September 2022 Buildings
Mixture of converted and purpose-built accommodation for large organic farm
Ahead of the 2022 Teagasc organic beef open day, Martin Merrick visited host John Purcell to view the accommodation used to house the 650 steers carried through the winter.
19 September 2022 Management
High-risk time for bloat in livestock
Low dry matter and low fibre content in grass, along with longer nights with a heavy dew, is combining to make it a high-risk time for bloat, writes Aidan Brennan
Teagle to exhibit full range of kit at Ploughing
Teagle’s recently introduced Telehawk T2 and new strategic partnership with Italian manufacturer DCM Spreaders will be to the fore on its stand at the Ploughing this year.
14 September 2022 News
Low demand keeps straw market steady
Prices for straw are relatively steady with reports of low buying interest.
7 September 2022 Northern Ireland
Home Farm: stubbles soften up to be fit for ploughing
We had obeyed the rules of those early post-harvest days and dutifully stubble cultivated.
7 September 2022 Viewpoints
FBD Farm Skills final 2022
In an epic display of skill and stamina, Rathdowney Macra sealed the win in the FBD Farm Skills Final at the Tullamore Show on Sunday 14 August.
31 August 2022 Community
East-West fodder market turned on its head
The traditional scenario of an abundance of feed in the east and farmers in the west being tight on winter fodder has been well and truly turned on its head this year.
31 August 2022 News
Claas shows off latest wares in Germany
At a press trip in Germany last week, Claas unveiled its latest innovations which included updates across its range of mowers, balers, loaders and combines.
17 August 2022 Farm machinery
Farm fires in heatwave harvest
Fires in Wexford and Cork saw crops and machinery damaged. Fire officers are urging vigilance.
17 August 2022 News
Sheep Management: store lamb presentation, straw requirements and ram sales
With grass supplies below target and many farmers faced with lower drafting rates it is a good time to review your plan for marketing lambs.
17 August 2022 Management
Grain harvest nearing completion in NI
The recent heatwave in NI has seen farmers charging on with the 2022 grain harvest.
17 August 2022 Northern Ireland