Dairy Management: Moorepark, reseeds and water pressure
Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan takes a look at what is coming up in the Moorepark open day and what to do with patchy grass seeds
21 June 2023 Sustainability
Seven steps towards more sustainable farming
Aidan Brennan sets out seven steps towards more sustainable farming in Ireland, outlining easy ways farmers can ensure they improve sustainability on their farms.
Top tips for managing clover swards
Where clover swards have been established on livestock farms in recent years, Kieran Mailey outlines some management steps over the summer.
Getting the most out of clover
Now is the time to start managing clover fields differently to grass-only fields.
10 May 2023 Grass & feeding
Assessing clover to cut nitrogen in north Tipperary
The Irish Farmers Journal carried out clover scoring on Barry Powell's farm last week, Ellen Durkin reports.
26 April 2023 Footprint Farmers
Multispecies swards can grow 14.2 tonnes DM/ha with 73kg of chemical N - Teagasc
The merits of multispecies swards and ongoing research were discussed at the Farming for Soil Health open day at Johnstown Castle last month.
14 April 2023 Soil
Futureproofing the business with clover
Aidan Brennan reports from the Teagasc clover walk held on the O'Connell farm in Cork, where 60% of the grazing platform has good white clover contents.
5 April 2023 Grass & feeding
Oversowing clover does work – new on-farm research
New Teagasc on-farm research shows that there is no difference in clover content between fields that were fully reseeded with grass and clover and fields that were oversown with clover.
29 March 2023 Reseeding
Red clover silage – is it all its cracked up to be?
Aidan Brennan takes a look at some of the issues and some of the advantages of red clover silage.
29 March 2023 Reseeding
How do multispecies swards perform in trials?
Ciarán Hearn and Dr Michael O’Donovan from Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation Centre, Teagasc, take a look at the performance of multispecies swards from Moorepark plot trials.
29 March 2023 Reseeding
What does the future hold for grazing swards in Ireland?
The swards of the future seminar organised by Teagasc emphasised the importance of legumes in all swards.
14 September 2022 Grass & feeding
Ten tips for establishing clover in autumn reseeds
For farmers reseeding grassland this autumn, outlined are some tips to getting clover established.