The 12 steps to sustainability: are they achievable?
Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan reviews the Teagasc 12 step plan to reduce emissions from dairy farms.
9 August 2022 Management
Time to get started with autumn reseeding plans
For farmers planning to reseed grass this autumn, time is running out, so make a start over the coming days.
3 August 2022 Northern Ireland
Ten tips to building covers for autumn grazing
Livestock farmers should be planning ahead to build grass covers for autumn grazing.
Reseeding lessons from the Thrive dairy-beef programme
Many of the Thrive programme farmers have looked to white clover in recent years to reduce chemical nitrogen usage. Declan Marren writes.
3 August 2022 Grass & feeding
Ten tips for establishing clover in autumn reseeds
For farmers reseeding grassland this autumn, outlined are some tips to getting clover established.
Top tips for reseeding to grassland swards
Reseeding around 10% of your farm annually can have major benefits in sward quality and the amount of grass you grow annually.
3 August 2022 Reseeding
Red clover and multispecies: Miracle seeds or just a fad?
Aidan Brennan takes a look at some of the positives and negatives of both multispecies swards and red clover silage.
3 August 2022 Reseeding
Huge interest in multispecies and red clover
There is huge interest among farmers in red clover silage swards and multicpecies silage swards, writes Aidan Brennan.
3 August 2022 Reseeding
Dairy management: reseeding and buying fertiliser
Farmers need to be aware of what they are buying when putting in multispecies swards.
3 August 2022 Management
Rain was welcome but many farms still suffering
Farmers in the midlands, east and south were glad to see the rain but most farms aren't out of the woods just yet, write Aidan Brennan and Martin Merrick.
3 August 2022 Grass & feeding
Farmer Writes: first trial with red clover silage
John Egerton has sown out his first ever field with a red clover/perennial ryegrass mix.
3 August 2022 Northern Ireland
Dairy management: is it too late to reseed?
As we head into August, Aidan Brennan looks at the implications of burning off ground for reseeding now.
1 August 2022 Management