Fertiliser register: what needs to happen and when?
Aidan Brennan
The new National Fertiliser Database is gone live and will be the new source of information on fertiliser usage nationally. Aidan Brennan reports.
Fertilising grazing swards during peak growth - hold off or crack on?
Grass growth should hit peak levels during the second half of May and with surplus grazing emerging, some farmers will query whether fertiliser is needed or not.
Getting the most out of clover
Now is the time to start managing clover fields differently to grass-only fields.
IFA raises fertiliser price at Oireachtas committee
Fertiliser prices around Europe continue to decrease with an almost 60% fall in prices between the peaks of 2022 and March 2023.
3 May 2023 Community
Assessing clover to cut nitrogen in north Tipperary
The Irish Farmers Journal carried out clover scoring on Barry Powell's farm last week, Ellen Durkin reports.
26 April 2023 Footprint Farmers
Multispecies swards can grow 14.2 tonnes DM/ha with 73kg of chemical N - Teagasc
The merits of multispecies swards and ongoing research were discussed at the Farming for Soil Health open day at Johnstown Castle last month.
14 April 2023 Soil
Fertiliser window with settled weather forecast
Settled weather is expected over the Easter period which should see an improvement in ground conditions and provide an opportunity to spread fertiliser.
4 April 2023 Grass & feeding
Five tips for closing off silage ground
Where farmers intend closing off silage ground in the next fortnight, outlined are some tips to consider when completing the task.
1 April 2023 Management