A campaign which will showcase Irish agriculture, where food comes from and farm families has been launched by Agri Aware and the IFA.

Sustaining Ireland aims to increase the public’s connection with farmers. As part of the campaign, billboards will be placed around the country featuring farmers involved in various sectors such as livestock, dairy, tillage, fruit and vegetables.

While agriculture has continued to play a critical role in Ireland’s economic and social development, the connection between farmers and the public has lessened, Agri Aware chair Alan Jagoe said. “We want to strengthen that connection,” he said.


IFA president Tim Cullinan said that Irish farmers want to continue a legacy that has been passed down through generations and ensure that their children will be able to continue to live and work on the land if they choose.

“We want our vibrant family-farm model to stay. This campaign will bring these families to the forefront and tell their stories.”

Jagoe added: “We hope that along with other initiatives under way, such as our own AgCredible social media programme; the National Dairy Council’s From the ground up campaign; and the work of Meat and Dairy Facts; we can rebuild the connection between the producers of food, the products they supply and the people who consume them every day”.