Ireland ahead of farm advisory curve - EU evaluation
Noel Bardon
The evaluation recommended that the administrative burden of delivering farm advice be reduced across the EU to ensure funds allocated to farm advice are fully utilised.
15 March 2022 News
All advisers need to be ‘pulling in one direction’ - ACA president
ACA has advisory contact with over 60,000 farmers in Ireland.
11 March 2022 News
Roscommon man elected new ACA president
The ACA AGM took place in the Midlands Park Hotel in Portlaoise on Thursday 11 March.
Exporting electricity from farms
Stephen Robb runs through details of the Micro-Generation Support Scheme.
23 February 2022 News
Ag advisers to receive organic farming training this spring
Advisers in the Agricultural Consultant Association will receive the training.
15 February 2022 News
‘We’re not just form-fillers, we’re at the coalface’ – ACA president
The ACA has made no secret of the fact that it wants to work with Teagasc to achieve the goals and targets in the next CAP.
20 October 2021 News
Farm biodiversity survey ‘critical’ to gauge future scheme success
Advisers have welcomed the Department of Agriculture’s farm biodiversity survey pilot as baseline data is needed to demonstrate improvements on farms.
22 May 2021 News
Advisers set for busy period of REAP and BPS applications
The Agricultural Consultants Association (ACA) whose members advise 55,000 farmers, has welcomed the pilot.
21 April 2021 Schemes
ACA and NIAPA give views on appeals
The Stormont Agriculture Committee is currently conducting a mini inquiry into the DAERA appeal process for area based schemes
17 March 2021 News
Private advisers want co-operation with State-funded counterparts
The ACA is calling for a forum to be set-up with Teagasc, chaired by the Department of Agriculture, to ensure research reaches all farmers.
10 March 2021 News
Focus on nutrient loss ‘hotspots’ in nitrates derogation review
Speaking at the the Agricultural Consultants Association (ACA) AGM, the Minister said hotspots tended to be associated with higher intensity farming.
4 March 2021 News
Minister tight-lipped on pilot REPS scheme details
Advisors at the Agricultural Consultants Association (ACA) AGM took the opportunity to press Minister McConalogue for further details on the new agri-environmental pilot.
4 March 2021 Schemes