Mental health: The 10 signs that you might be in a co-dependent relationship
Psychotherapist and director of Enda Murphy explores what makes a co-dependent relationship; and explains the 10 warning signs that you might be in one.
30 March 2022 Health
Health: how to handle the narcissist in your life
Psychotherapist Enda Murphy explains just what defines a narcissist; and how to deal with it if you have one in your life.
9 February 2022 Amii
Control your finances and independence, seek help if not in control
There are many ways women can lose control of their monetary freedom. Coercive control is one but the pandemic has worsened financial independence for many. Writes Amii McKeever
Are politicians fair game to abuse? What about staff, or your kids or you?
If elected representatives are quarry as soon as they are elected? What happens when we can only get people to run for election that have no empathy for their constituents?
22 September 2021 Amii
ICL Podcast #14: help for the families of depression sufferers
A reader has written to us regarding her husband who is depressed and the affect it is having on her and their children.
22 April 2021 Podcast
Rape crisis support services more vital than ever
The number of calls to the Rape Crisis Midwest more than doubled during the pandemic, proving that it’s as important as ever to people in need, writes Hannah Quinn Mulligan
4 November 2020 Features
My friend is a victim of domestic abuse
Dear Miriam, my friend is a victim of domestic abuse, but I feel helpless
4 November 2020 Ask Miriam
Your life, your body and no room for complacency in protecting it
With students about to embark on the all new college experience, there are lots of things to consider - both social educational and once again people will be found to adapt. Writes Amii McKeever
9 September 2020 Amii
'I’m feeling quite low these days'
Dear Miriam, I’m feeling quiet low these days, but social distancing suits my husband
10 June 2020 Ask Miriam
Remember: you are not alone
Irish lockdown regulations mean that those suffering from domestic abuse face a difficult struggle. Marcella Connolly spoke to support services for their advice
22 April 2020 Features
Dear Miriam: I always seem to attract ‘broken’ men
Dear Miriam, I’ve had abusive relationships and I am worried that I attract 'broken' men
18 March 2020 Features
That is not how any industry should work
Although progress has been made since the inception of International Women's Day, the Weinstein trial shows there is still a long way to go and abuses of power still exist. Amii McKeever writes
4 March 2020 Amii