Dairy Management: dealing with pica in cows
Aidan Brennan
Some advice for farmers whose cows tend to exhibit signs of pica, or chewing stones and other objects at this time of year.
1 December 2021 Management
Beef Management: autumn bulls, first-calver nutrition and winter webinar
Adam Woods takes a look at keeping under-16-month bulls on target, monitoring first-calver condition and the upcoming winter webinar on animal health.
27 October 2021 Winter Feed
Is barley a better bet than compound rations this winter?
With rising feed costs, is feeding barley as the only form of supplementary feed an option for cattle this winter?
Feeding grain with a difference in Laois
Last week, Adam Woods caught up with busy Laois farmer Robert Moynan to talk about his farming system and why he changed the way he preserves and stores his grain for feeding to livestock.
18 August 2021 Grass & feeding
Five tips to deal with hot weather and a grass shortage
Dealing with high temperatures and a lack of grass is a big problem for farmers at present. Following our tips can help get cattle through the current warm spell with fewer issues.
24 July 2021 Management
Dairylink: assessing fibre content of dairy rations
A Penn State particle separator kit was used to assess the physical fibre content of total mixed rations on Dairylink farms.
9 February 2021 Dairylink
Beef management: five tips for moving cattle on to finishing diets
Where store cattle are moving on to high concentrate diets for intensive finishing, follow the outlined tips to get the best return from animals over winter.
5 December 2020 Management
Feeding beet in the finishing diet
Fodder beet is an excellent source of energy and has a lot to offer in cattle finishing diets. Declan Marren writes.
18 November 2020 Grass & feeding
BETTER Farm NI: 10 steps to finishing autumn born bulls
Kieran Mailey outlines 10 steps to managing autumn-born bulls during the intensive finishing period.
12 August 2020 BETTER Farm NI
Options for grain storage as harvest kicks off
Every year a cohort of dairy and beef farmers who have storage facilities look closely at the option of buying grain direct for feeding later in the year, writes Jack Kennedy.
15 July 2020 Grass & feeding
Watch: fertility drives high-input system
The Martins manage 160 Holstein Friesian cows in a fully housed, year-round calving system. Peter McCann reports.
15 April 2020 Dairylink
Dairy management: weather, intakes and talking on help
In this weeks' dairy management notes, Aidan Brennan looks at how to manage grazing in wet weather, dry matter intake and issues with recruitment.
5 February 2020 Management