Agri Aware’s farm walk and talk events return for 2023
Sarah McIntosh
In order to meet the growing demand, Agri Aware has extended the capacity of the event to allow 4,000 students to attend their annual farm walk and talk series. Sarah McIntosh reports.
1 January 2023 News
Teaching ag science: from Wexford to Sydney
Joan Geoghegan, a qualified ag science teacher, has been milking cows in New Zealand for the last four months and is now preparing to teach in a secondary school in Sydney.
8 November 2022 News
Study Guide: week 9 - graph-based exam questions
Demonstrating your ability to read graphs is a key part of the new Leaving Certificate specification.
Young Stock Podcast: match ploughing with Laura Grant
Laura Grant, a plougher, dairy farmer and ag science teacher, discusses all things match ploughing on this week’s Young Stock Podcast.
5 September 2022 Podcast