Taking the guesswork out of worm control
Darren Carty
Faecal egg counts can be used to determine the need to treat lambs while faecal egg count reduction tests will identify the efficacy of active ingredients.
3 July 2024 Management
Sheep Management: cobalt deficiency, Startect availability and weighing accuracy
Reports indicate there are signs of lambs succumbing to cobalt deficiency, while farmers challenged by anthelmintic resistance have cause for greater optimism in worm control strategies.
19 June 2024 Management
Sheep Management: worm counts, lamb kill out and nuisance flies
With temperatures rising, worm burdens are likely to be a greater concern over the next week.
Keeping on top of summer health issues
Adam Woods previews this week’s summer health Focus and what’s inside.
5 June 2024 Animal Health
Get smart with sheep wormers this summer
Strategic dosing can lower worm burdens on farms and also prevent worm populations from becoming resistant, writes Peter McCann.
5 June 2024 Northern Ireland
SCOPS urges targeted treatments at lambing
Blanket treatment for worms increases the risk of anthelmintic resistance in flocks, experts have warned.
28 February 2024 Northern Ireland